autocomplete newly created variable names in mutate step

I used to be able to create a new variable in a dplyr mutate step and subsequently reference that new variable. I just updated to the latest version of RStudio (2023.09.1) and I am no longer able to do this. See below for current behavior.


Is this the expected behavior or is there some way i can recover the prior ability?
I am using using R (4.3.2)

It looks like R is just making a suggestion. Just ignore it.

I know it’s making a suggestion. I just want it to make the suggestion it used to make. Or actually I want to know if it should be making the suggestion it used to make.

I think that R does not know that new_var exists as you have not saved it or possibly there are too many functions, etc., that starts with "new" to display everything.

Try something like

xx  <- mtcars  %>%  mutate(new_var = mpg * wt)


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