autocomplete priority within a pipe

Does anyone else think the order of suggestions that is delivered via autocompletion when piping is rather strange and not especially helpful? I've included the example in the attached image. I've created a tibble (called "myTibble") with a column called "shotsOnTarget" in it. If I type

myTibble %>% select(sho

and wait for the autocomplete suggestion, surely I'm overwhelmingly likely to want to have the name of a column in myTibble, over above any other global R function or object? Instead, the word 'shotsOnTarget' isn't even in the first 8 suggested words and I have to press the down key 9 times before I can retrieve it! Maybe there's some option hidden among the preferences that I haven't been able to find, but in any case, that just seems like very curious default behaviour to me.

if you initiate autocomplete when you first open the select bracket, the options should be exclusively from the tibble. also if you had written one more character shot it likely would have gone straight to what you want.
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Thanks! Your suggestion of hitting tab as soon as you open the bracket works. But I still think this default behaviour is irritating and the solution is not something a user would ordinarily try so I will add a post in the Github forum and see where that lands.

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