Automating published Flexdashboard to embed into an Iframe

I would also like to understand If I automate the publishing of my flexdashboard using schedule of RStudio connect then how can I automate rmarkdown::render() each time to generate the updated HTML file.
Because the URL for the html file got by rmarkdown:: render() option takes the port of Rserver i.e 8787 below is the link
whereas Rstudio connect takes the port 3939
Please help me to understand this. Is there any other way in which the schedule static flexdashboard can be automated to produce a html file that could be embedded into an iframe

Can someone help me on above question


Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the problem.

The RStudio Connect schedule just rerenders the HTML and should completely hide the render() call form you - I'm not sure where the port numbers come into this.

Is this more about RStudio rather than RStudio Connect?

Sorry - confused - but happy to try to help!

@slodge Thanks for the reply,
I would be using RStudio Connect for publishing my flexdashboards on a schedule basis. The published dashboard which is generated by RStudio connect needs to be embedded in another website using Iframe. I am stuck at this part.
My dashboard needs to be embedded using Iframe.
How can I do this

Thanks and waiting for the reply

@slodge Can you please help me with this!

I'm afraid I still have no idea what you are talking about around your ports - and sending links to private ec2 instances isn't something I can see inside - sorry

My gut feels like all you want to do is to use the "Open solo" RStudio Connect views - and I think these already have headers setup so that they can be embedded in iFrames... however, I'm confused about the "port" setup - so not sure I can help. If you want to host on port 80 and 443, I'm not sure why you have your server setup on 3939... (but 3939 should still work - it's just not the normal http setup)