automation rscadmin configure --encrypt-config-value is not usable

when doing a rscadmin configure --encrypt-config-value, the result shows all kind of log messages which makes it unusable to place in a variable etc and use for automated deployment scenarios. As we do a dully IaC CICD of posit connect, this should be possbile.

echo test | sudo /opt/rstudio-connect/bin/rscadmin configure --encrypt-config-value 2> /dev/null
time="2023-02-10T11:36:20.334Z" level=info msg="Checking to make sure Connect isn't running..."
time="2023-02-10T11:36:20.335Z" level=info msg="Success. Connect does not appear to be running."
time="2023-02-10T11:36:20.430Z" level=info msg="Loaded server migration from '/etc/rstudio-connect/rstudio-connect-migration.gcfg'"
time="2023-02-10T11:36:20.432Z" level=info msg="The migration file does not affect the configuration"
time="2023-02-10T11:36:20.432Z" level=info msg="Found 0 environment variables starting with 'CONNECT_' that may affect configuration.\n"
time="2023-02-10T11:36:20.432Z" level=info msg="Using file /var/log/rstudio/rstudio-connect/rstudio-connect.log to store Server Logs."

so the answer in How to automate /opt/rstudio-connect/bin/rscadmin configure --encrypt-config-value is not working.

How could this be made usable?
kind regards,

Hi @pst-cnt-adh-drwn

Is GitHub - rstudio/rskey: Standalone encryption and secret key management for RStudio's Connect and Package Manager more what you're looking for in this scenario?