avoiding the per-section class specifier {...} by using CSS-selectors

Hello guys,
I am currently using some classes for sections after the markdown {...}
I wondered if It is possible to integrate all those classes into a CSS style entry, and leave markdown cleaner.

I managed to avoid the {-} by hidding in CSS with display:none; and toc_depth: 2 in TOC.
I noted that the HTML of TOC and SECTIONs have different classnames for same concepts as numeration, so it is not possible to hide the numeration from the TOC at the same time of the contents with CSS.

However, ´.tabset .hidden .unlisted´ don't seem to behave as normal CSS styling.
I wonder if it could be applied as a CSS selector.
For example: apply ´.unlisted´ to all h3 sections or below.

Do you know if this is possible?

# Section {.tabset}               // Builds a tabbed-layout of sub-sections
# Section {-}                     // disable enumeration
# Section {.unlisted}             // disable listing in Table of contents TOC:
# Section {.hidden}               // disables output of section
# Section {- .unlisted .hidden}   // combination of classes
# Section {- .unlisted .secret}   // hidden HTML output
<style>  .secret{   display: none;   }  </style>
h3 span.header-section-number,
h4 span.header-section-number,
h5 span.header-section-number,
h6 span.header-section-number,
.secret {  display: none;  }

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