baseball questions

Use the pitching, people and batting dataframes in Lahman to answer the following:
(reprex example for advanced statistics course )

  1. Create the following new variables for each year: Winning percentage, WHIP, FIP (use Fangraph formula -- pick one year and do not make year by year adjustments).

After 1950 who had the highest ERA (worst) with over 300 innings pitched (IPouts >900)

AFter 1950 who had the lowest WHIP and FIP

  1. Use the Dplyr summarise function to calculate career totals for: Winning percentage,strikeouts, FIP, and WHIP, and Saves.

For pitchers with over 1500 innings pitched, after 1950 who had the best career:

FIP, Total Saves, WHIP, ERA, and Strikeouts

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