Beginner: Choosing where to write xls files to

Please forgive if the code looks bad or if this is a dumb question, I'm brand new to R. Can someone help me on how to choose where I am saving the excel file to locally. That's what I'm attempting to do with the "c:\Users\Tommy Mulflur\Desktop\decstats.xlsx" but that is for some reason being included in the entire name of the document and where it gets saved is a nightmare. Can only go find it about 50% of the time

writexl::write_xlsx(decstats, "c:\\Users\\Tommy Mulflur\\Desktop\\decstats.xlsx")

different systems have different conventions around path delimiters, its generally advisable to have R construct a path for you by using file.path()

                    file.path("C:","Users","Tommy Mulflur","Desktop","decstats.xlsx"))

also if theres any doubt about the directory , you can check if R undserstands it exists with something like

dir.exists(file.path("c:","Users","Tommy Mulflur"))

maybe adding it up iteratively will show you if you have a typo or somesuch along the way

Ok got it thank you so much! I tried parsing it up step by step and it returns false on either of the two below. I am now looking into creating/setting a directory. Always another challenge to go tackle!


dir.exists(file.path("c:", "Users"))

Any suggestions on this one?

Does seem strange. If you ask r to give you a temporary directory, what path does it return?


Also, what is your working directory?



Thank you for getting back!

My working directory is

[1] "/Users/tommymulflur"

And the temporary director generates

[1] "/var/folders/bc/6d6w7cp955bgscm_ktl7hhyc0000gn/T//Rtmp86ArcY"

I am trying to push down the working directory route. Think I'm making progress

I figured it out! Thank you so much. I can send the correct code if your curious.

I'm sure I'll have more silly questions soon. So much fun, but so much to learn!