Beginner problem with variables number

I'm struggling with Rstudio but I'm a total beginner so it's probably really easy to solve. So easy that I can't find it explained on internet!!

I do this:

dframe1 <- read.csv(file.choose())


my file is correct, I can see it but R says 200 observations of 1 variable despite there is 12 columns in my file and I was expecting 12 variables
How can I make it work?

Thank you!!

Are you sure that your file has comma separated values? maybe it has another format, please paste a few lines from the file to take a look into its structure.

30;5;>1m;10;10;0;Abudefduf;Omnivore;60;94;9;17 : 5
44;5;<1m;0;30;0;Abudefduf;Omnivore;39;94;0;47 : 5
30;5;>1m;10;10;1;Pomacentrus;Algivore;60;94;9;17 : 4

Like this? Thank you for your reply!

It seems like your values are separeted by ";" instead of ","
Try reading your file with this

dframe1 <- read.csv(file.choose(), sep = ";")
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Oh my god you did it!! Thank you, I spent like 4 hours trying everything!!

Your welcome!

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