Beginner Question. Navigating Cursor in RStudio doesn't work as intended


I am new here and I am already sorry if such a question already exists and I was not able to properly search for it. Maybe due to a lack of language proficiency as I am not a native English Speaker.

Describe your Problem:


My Quality of life problem: When i click with my mouse in a certain spot of a line in the script window, it only places my cursor there if i click precisely between two characters. When i click slighty next to the space inbetween or right on a character, my cursor automatically jumps to the former line as seen in my gif above.
I guess this may be by design, but I feel more comfortable with how it works in e.g Word, where I don't face such a nuisance. Is there a way stop it from jumping to the former line?

What I expected:
That my cursor lands in the right proximity of the character where i clicked with my mouse and that my cursor doesn't jump to the former line in the console

RStudio Version 1.4.1106 Tiger Daylily for Windows
Windows 10 64 bit

Hopefully you understood my question. Thank you for your answers in advance.

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