Best Deployment Method for shiny server



apart from I was googling servers and I came across

  1. Azure cloud
  2. AWS
  3. Digital ocean
  4. Docker and kubernetes
    etc etc.

I have no idea what they are but they all seem pretty different.

I know nothing about a server But I would still like to have the best deployment strategy. I have to learn one of it so why not learn the Best one. So which of them is best for shiny application.

Please do let me know. it's crucial for me.

We all at one point or another have to go to cloud server. Can you guys suggest the fastest and easiest of cloud server that is compatible with SHINY or share your personal experience


This is the guide that got me started - highly recommend it.


I haven't tried them all, so I can't say which is best, but here are 5 blog posts on how I did it on AWS:

But I readily admit I was inspired to do this by Dean's Digital Ocean blog post!


As the author of that article, if you choose that guide, I recommend the longer and more detailed version


So we have set the ground that digital ocean is the best for deployment of shiny server


I wouldn't say that. That's just one option that I happen to have written an extensive guide on. But using for example AWS EC2 is very similar, and using docker is a different approach with its own pros and cons.


See what I actually wanted to know is there are different method for creating shiny app in server. like

heroku has a different way of handing shiny it doesn't support shiny server but has a different app sort of thing. Don't understand it but I know it's different

then there is a docker way of handing shiny app.

finally the shiny server

there might be more way of doing things. I just wanted to know which is most optimal solution for shiny apps.


On the topic of extensive guides, Markus Schmidberger (a Senior Big Data Consultant for AWS Professional Services) also authored this guide: It covers a whole lot, here's the intro paragraph (emphasis mine):

Many AWS customers already use the popular open-source statistic software R for big data analytics and data science. Other customers have asked for instructions and best practices for running R on AWS. Several months ago, I (Markus) wrote a post showing you how to connect R with Amazon EMR, install RStudio on the Hadoop master node, and use R packages such as rmr2 or plyrmr to analyze a huge public weather dataset. In this post, we show you how to install and run R, RStudio Server, and Shiny Server on Amazon EC2.


Unfortunately there is no one correct answer, the optimal solution depends on your exact situation, your needs, your knowledge, your resources, etc. I'm sorry this may seem like a non-answer, but there's simply good generic answer


Thanks for guidance barbara and thanks a lot for your answer attali.

I will try them and check for myself. I finally got good enough resources to start exploring the options.