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At BetterUp, we give people the coaching, support, and push they need to reach peak performance and unlock their limitless potential, in all they do, personally and professionally. We work with world-class experts and Coaches, pioneer innovative technology, and foster human touch at scale to fuel the BetterUp experience, and make growth and development achievable for all. We believe that practicing strong mental fitness is a never-ending practice of maintaining and building the strengths that proceed health, happiness, and success.

And we’re looking to build out a diverse and ambitious team of go-getters to join us as we grow. Exciting opportunities lie ahead, as well as work that makes a real difference — not only in the lives of others, but for your own personal and professional growth, too. Join us as we continue to bring BetterUp to more people everywhere, and create impactful change for our members and for you.

Do you carry around a dream list of amazing, innovative behavioral research that’s just waiting to be Scienced into existence for the betterment of Everyone? If so, good news - BetterUp Labs is hiring!

We are seeking an experimental behavioral scientist to join our team. In this role, you will direct a portfolio of original research to answer an essential question: What makes people happy and flourishing at work?

You’ll draw on your experience as an experimental social scientist , statistician , and lover of all things Data , to uncover groundbreaking findings at an epicenter of human experience: life at work. Your work will inform BetterUp products, inspire our customers, inform the broader scientific community, and amplify BetterUp’s reputation as a global thought-leader.

At BetterUp you’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with talented, motivated, science-loving colleagues, who thrive on helping organizations solve their most pressing behavioral business challenges. You will also have the opportunity to partner with leading academic teams - some of your own selection - to help accelerate their research in collaboration with our team. If it sounds suspiciously like the perfect mix of working in industry and academia, that’s because it is! Come and join our great team.

What you'll do:

  • Design and run innovative experimental and observational studies to answer fundamental questions about human psychology and workplace behaviors.
  • Generate insights for internal and external audiences using data science and statistics.
  • Stay current on the most exciting innovations in related scientific disciplines.
  • Employ best practices for collaboration, maintenance, and reporting of scientific projects.
  • Tell the story of your findings! Writeups, data visualizations, and presentations are essential parts of the job, to communicate discoveries in contexts ranging from lab meetings to marketing brainstorms to peer-reviewed journal publications.

If you have some or all of the following, please apply:

  • You have a social science PhD, with a proven track-record for high-quality experimental behavioral research (pubs, code repos). Background in organizational behavior is a plus.
  • You’ve worked at least a year in a startup environment: not required, but a big plus.
  • You live and breathe R/tidyverse for data manipulation and analysis; Python skills preferred.
  • Building complex Qualtrics surveys is second-nature. Qualtrics API know-how: even better.
  • Basic SQL competency - enough to pull data into a coding environment and clean from there.
  • Stats: you can rock NHST but train/test, CV, and informed priors are your close friends.
  • Crisp visual data matters to you. ggplot/matplotlib; Shiny, Dash, or D3 for fancy occasions.
  • Exceptional written and verbal scientific storytelling skills.

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