Biblioshiny Maximum Upload Size exceeded

Dear all, I am a new learner in Rstudio particulary in Biblioshiny. Last two weeks, I am stuck in the biblioshiny that when I upload my file , it says maximum upload size exceeded. I try with compressed Zip file but it does not work.

My file size is 1.05 Gb after compressing to zip file my file is 342 mb. Please help me how to upload large files which is to be 1 gb or more in the biblioshiny app.

  • biblioshiny: Added maxUploadSize argument to biblioshiny(). Now it is possible to set any max upload file size for the biblioshiny app using the argument "maxUploadSize". The default value is maxUploadSize=200 (megabytes)

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Thank You For your kind reply.

I am sorry to inform you that I have no knowledge about adding max Upload Size argument in biblioshiny .

So please kindly tell me the step by step for the adding the argument :pray:

in your code, after your library(shiny) statement perhaps, add in the line


this will change the max from 200Mb to 2000Mb

Thank You Very Much for the help. Its Working :pray: :pray:
I shall ever remain grateful to you.

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