Big apps run slow in IE/Edge/Firefox but not Chrome


I’ve tested running some of my apps in Chrome, IE/Edge/Firefox and I’ve noticed certain routines take a really long time in IE/Edge/Firefox but run at acceptable speed in Chrome. Is there a general reason why and is there a way I can make my Apps work quickly across all browsers?

I was using free user account for testing.



Hi, I am running big app on IE too! When I deploy it to , it tuns very slowly in IE11 but not in Chrome! Did you figure out the reason behind that? It takes few seconds to load the page initially!!!
If you have any suggestions please reply!



Hi Karni,

Yes I did figure out what the issue was. For me it was due to using a long list (~14000 items) in a SelectizeInput() widget. For some reason, Chrome could handle it quite quickly whereas the other browsers could not. As a work around, I created a word filter textInput widget, that prefiltered the list, and then I used updateSelectizeInput(...) to update the much smaller list. This significantly sped things up across all browsers.

If your issue is similar to mine I could show you my code snippets that may help you implement such a solution.

If your issue is elsewhere, I recommend using the browser() function to go through your code line by line (deploy locally in the slow browser) and figure out what code chunk/widget is making things really slow.




Thank you for replying back. My problem is I have a huge file (82000 rows) that needs to be uploaded and later to be displayed. I do the displaying using renderTable, which takes a lot of time in IE11 to display the uploaded file. Do you have any idea how can I solve that?

Thank you again for your support!
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And this thing happens only when I deploy it to the, but locally it works well.


So locally it works well when using both browsers?

That is indeed a huge table. I would recommend pre-filtering the table before rendering it based on user input.

How can the table be categorized into smaller chunks? User those categories for the user to select from a drop down menu or use a text input box to filter based on what text the user enters.