/bin/sh: r;: command not found

I am following the same script with the one shown here and describing the script in RStudio.

Load in the RNA UMI matrix

ccbmc.rna <- as.sparse(read.csv(file="multimodal_data/GSE100866_CBMC_8K_13AB_10X-RNA_umi.csv.gz", header = TRUE, sep = ",", row.names = 1))

However , I got the error ; /bin/sh: r;Loadinthedata: command not found

Could you please give me the support for it?

Thanks in advance!


I'm not familiar with the seurat-package, but could it be that you need readr::read_csv() to get the gz-file loaded properly? I am not aware base-R read.csv() handles zipped files correctly.


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