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I am using blastula to automatically send me reports
It mentions in the documents that I am able to send Markdown files as an email body using something like
email <- render_email('email.Rmd'), which i have written and works really well. I was wondering is it possible to add a footer to the email while still using the Rmd. I see in docs the the following code has the footer which is basically what i want but its building the content of the email within the code.

email <-
    body = md(
        This is a *great* picture I found when looking for sun + cloud photos:",
    footer = md(
        "Email sent on ", date_time, "."

Is it possible to somehow get this into the Rmd method?

Thank you for your time

I believe you could use

            after_body: my_footer.html

To include some html content in the <div class="footer"> part of the email.

I guess it behave quite the same as for a html_document on this header, footer thing.

An, example

title: "text_to_html"
author: "ThZ"
date: "30/10/2020"
      after_body: footer.html
    connect_footer: TRUE

# Something

Some content

```{cat, engine.opts=list(file = "footer.html")}
<p>This is a footer</p>

You can obviously generate your footer.html file outside the html file to provide in the YAML header.

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