Blobbogram or Forest plot for multiple ORs help please


Can you help please? I'm trying to create a forest plot of multiple ORs with 3 subgroups 'CKD', 'eGFR' and 'UACR', and 2 columns to the right, 'p' and 'phet'.

Here is a copy of the DF that I have (exported from excel)

This is the code that I'm using:

Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis$pe <- log(Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis$OR)
Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis$ci.l <- log(Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis$lci)
Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis$ci.u <- log(Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis$uci)

blobbogram('Forest_plot_for_univariate_analysis', group.labels=c('Group'),*
columns=c('p', 'phet'), column.labels=c('p', 'phet'),*
column.groups=c(2), grouped=TRUE,*'CKD', 'eGFR', 'UACR'),*
id.label="Stroke subtype", ci.label="OR (95% CI)", log.scale=TRUE,*

But I get this error message, 'Error in data[["group"]] : subscript out of bounds'.

Any idea where I'm going wrong? Also open to alternative suggestions of how to recreate this graph!

Thanks a mil,

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