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Well it's been over two years since I posted this thread asking for tips and tricks on creating a website with blogdown:

But, I finally managed to launch a website earlier today! I'm pretty excited and would love some feedback on what everyone thinks.

It can currently be found at:

Hockey By Numbers

Thanks for your thoughts everyone!


I'm not sure why the direct link with the custom domain name isn't working every time but here is the Netlify Link.

blogdown + hugo + github + netlify is an amazing system. The main problem I've experience is that the easy-to-include within-page comment system disqus is not nearly as functional or easy to read as sites based on such as the RStudio community site. I have taken to including a URL to our own site instead. I wish there was a way to have an inline view to type of sites from within a blogdown article.


Thanks for the feedback harrelfe! What type of issues did you run into with disqus?

Mainly the formatting and the lack of features such as those in related to searching for comments, timeline, seeing the flow of comments.

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Oh got it. That makes sense! Thanks for the feedback! :grin:

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