blogdown not found when deploying to Connect

I have created a website using blogdown and I'm now trying to deploy it from my local RStudio IDE to Connect.

I open the site's index.Rmd file, click the Publish button, select the Publish website with source code option, then Publish. The deployment starts and runs fine until I receive,

Error in loadNamespace(x) : there is no package called ‘blogdown’

So, it looks like Connect cannot find blogdown. In an effort to resolve this, I included install.packages("blogdown", repos = "") in my build.R file in the R directory of the website. This doesn't solve the issue, however.

Question: Can anyone advise me how to make blogdown available to Connect during build if it isn't using the R/build.R?

PS I tried building the site locally (rmarkdown::render_site(encoding = 'UTF-8')) and then selecting Publish finished website only instead of Publish website with source code. The website is published but looks completely wrong, as if the theme wasn't applied.

Solution can be found here.

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