Blogdown on Google Firebase



All of the Blogdown tutorials seem to focus on GitHub Pages of Netlify for hosting the resulting content. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Google Firebase. There is a free tier that's fairly generous (1 GB of storage and transfer of 10 GB/month) and it's from Google, so it's arguably be more reliable long-term than GitHub (not in the hosting business) or Netlify (a new startup that may fold or pivot). However, I am not sure if there I am missing some caveats or limitations.


Blogdown uses Hugo which is a static site generator, it looks like Firebase is intended for apps… That said, I haven't tried firebase or tried to build a web app with Hugo, so I could be off here.


I've used firebase for a couple of things previously, but not for a Hugo site. That said I think it should work, here's some Hugo documentation about firebase which you might be able to adapt to your project.