blogdown serve_site(), Hugo execution failed with error code 1

It is just a guess. You can try modifying authors name and see if it changes anything. Less error messages for example ?

I would also try to use hugo command directly - I think the issue comes from HUGO and not blogdown. Did you upgrade Hugo recently ?

I deleted all subfolders, only leave the admin, and the same error.

my hugo version is 0.59.1.

I also think it's more likely to be a problem of Hugo. How to try use hugo command directly? :cold_sweat:

The subfolders are created by your theme based on authors in posts. You can disable this feature to see if that is what is causing pain here

As you see in the link above , if you have the correct version you can disable with config otherwise you need to modify template.

About Hugo it is installed in your computer and you can use the command in terminal. Look at hugo doc. There is a wrapper available with ˋhugo_cmd()ˋ in R.


Hi, Thanks.
I tried the first solution, it doesn't help.

I found a similar issue here:, and added a comment.

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