Blogdown site not showing on git hub page

I rendered my site using hugo academic theme via rmarkdown::render_site(encoding = 'ISO8859-1') and working fine and also check on browser locally "" working fine but when I commit and push into github repository show that your site is published but actually not working.

Hi Javed, and welcome to! I get a blank page when I visit However, if I visit, I do see content for your main page. It looks to me like your URL is not mapped correctly to your content.


Thanks for your reply @kmprioli , How did I set my index.html to my local repository instead of public? I am new to r studio and blogdown.

You're welcome! To be honest, I'm not sure how the mistake happened - I'm not familiar with GitHub Pages or how the mapping is made - so I don't have any helpful advice to offer. Hopefully someone else who has more familiarity will be able to weigh in!

The instructions for doing this are here:

They are more complicated than deploying through Netlify for example: