BoF at rstudio::conf - Business Intelligence



Business Intelligence


Hosted by @TMock & @rachael
When: Thursday 6-7pm happy hour.
Where: Lantana room, 4th floor.
Keywords: Business Ops / Analysts, Business intelligence, Marketing/Digital Analytics, Marketing, Web Experimentation, Marketing Analytics


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BoF at rstudio::conf - Finance

Most likely going to attend this one!
I work in banking, but on the digital team, so I mostly deal with web data and digital analytics. Definitely feeling much closer to this than to the Finance BoF.

Hoping to learn lots of new things!


Since there will be a wide scope of topics at this BoF session, I've heard a suggestion to list some of the subtopics / questions to discuss that are of interest to the people attending.

Speaking for myself, I'd be mainly interested in a couple of things:

As for myself, Operations Analytics is all I've ever been doing in analytics, and I hope I can bring some insights from my past experience, if anyone has any other topics to discuss.


Hey Taras, happy to have you!

I think there will be some great discussion for you and that you can add to!


This sounds great! Would love to connect at the conference about this. One of my area of speciosity is clickstream. I have worked on several analysis around it in R. Recently did something with Market Basket using Adobe Analytics data, Used this framework:


Nice! I'd love to connect!!!


Very cool! I'm trying to develop something along the lines of R for Marketing and would love to learn more about clickstream analysis.


I'd like to throw a few more topics into the mix. I'm coming from a government department although the work I do is past the point of governing and into the day-to-day operations.

  • Uses of R in an administrative data context and building rapport when you're in a centralized data team. (And one of 20,000 people in the organization :flushed:)
  • Bringing important (read: production) old code over to R. What am I not seeing that will happen two months in?

I'm interested in finding people who are in that same sea of people I'm in where everyone may not hold the same priorities as you, least of all whether the work is done in R or not.