BoF at rstudio::conf - Finance




Hosted by Jonathan Regenstein (@jkr216) and Nick Rohrbaugh (@nrohr)
When: Thursdday at 6-7pm happy hour.
Where: Indigo room, 4th floor
Sponsored by DataCamp



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Interested in attending. I'm working in banking, but our domain is our digital products and web data, therefore I'm not really dealing with Finance per se :slight_smile:


"finance" here most likely means "trading financial instruments"...

I had a funny interaction with a friend who's a Chief Security Officer and went to a "finance" conference here in NYC. I asked her how it went and she said she couldn't believe how narrowly focused the discussion was. She was expecting tracks on operations, security, accounting, etc... all the things that happen in a finance department in a company. But instead she got only discussion of things in and around trading. So, yeah, the word "finance" can mean pretty different things in different contexts. I fully expect some biz analysts who work with the finance department to roll up in the finance BoF and be like, "um, I thought we were going to talk about automating the 10K filings..."


I agree with JDLong's sentiment, and I would add that this group is one of the larger ones (hence a dedicated room Thursday evening), so I suspect you can find smaller subgroups focused on your areas of interest within finance.

If you'd like to suggest a more focused area of interest, this thread would be a good place to announce that, and see if there are others interested.

We have a "business operations" bof meeting at the same time which is most likely more up your alley. (ha, and I see you're posted there!)

Looking forward to seeing y'all in person!


Quick question - am I obliged to say "y'all" during the conference or is there some leeway for foreigners? :slight_smile:


Dich can say anything ihre heart desires! :slight_smile: But I'll buy you a beer if you say, "Bless your heart" to @taras or @thomasp85

Forgive me if I mungled that. My high school German is a little rusty!


My German is no better :smile:


Не волнуйся, Миша, мы тебя всему научим :wink:


тебе легко сказать :slight_smile:


Not easy! I've been working on it for the last 30 years, lol
Now! Before @EconomiCurtis punishes us for off-topic conversations, I'll just say this:

  • 10-4 on the content of Finance. I probably won't be attending then.
  • No one should be ever forced to say "y'all". Ever. Foreigners do get a pass, @mishabalyasin! (it's that one consolation prize that comes with all the downsides of being a foreigner)
  • We all learned a lesson about profiling a person based on their location. But you know, same goes for @jdlong: he may be listing "New York" or "New Jersey", but he is a typical Southerner at heart!

Hope to meet you all at the conference!


don't worry, I'll bring enough ya'll's for everyone. on the content of finance, at least last year it wasn't all that formal, more like a a cocktail hour where it just so happens that everyone likes R and the wide world of finance.


Sounds perfect. I’m really looking forward to it….y’all


I am looking to bring R to our Finance team. I’ll be there.