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Keywords: Spatial, Maps, leaflet, sf
Hosted by @zross, @alandipert
When and where: Friday Breakfast. We'll reserve a large set of tables in the dinning hall for this group.


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One of my biggest issues with mapping comes at the data joining level (US). I have done a bit of research and used various packages in the past with some ranging levels of success. Is there a concise and accurate way to merge zip code to county and state level as well as merging zip code count data to zip code mapping coordinates.

Thanks, I am excited for this BoF.


I feel your pain.
There are some US Census datasets that are helpful, as well as sf objects that have the hierarchy mapped out, but I generally confuse myself when working with it.

Looking forward to this BoF.


I'm looking forward to join this meeting!


Unfortunately, there is no "concise and accurate way" to merge zip to county/state since zips don't fit neatly into county/state boundaries. But US ZCTA (like ZIPs) are based on underlying blocks and you can make use of relationship files:


Looking forward to attending!


I'm excited for this! See you all there!


I'll be there! Looking forward to it.


I love using Leadlet. I am looking forward to this.


Looking forward to this.
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