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inserir um exemplo do teste de Breush paga

This chunk is transformed into Example 5.1 but, as I put in _config,
example: 'Exemplo'
like referred in the book of, I should get Exemplo 5.1 when knitring. Can someone help me? I'm writing a book in portuguese.
Cristina Miranda


You need to follow the doc more closely:

I believe it would be

    exm: 'Exemplo '

What is describe in the book works for me

  • test.Rmd
title: example block
output: bookdown::html_document2

This is a special block

and _bookdown.yml

    exm: 'Exemplo '

I get

as it is working with html_document2, it should work also with any other bookdown format.

If you have an issue with that, please give us some details to reproduce on our side.

I appreciate your readily answer. I did as in your example. I send you a print screen so you can check. Any idea of the origin of the problem? Where should I look for the problem?
In the rmd file I have

inserir um exemplo do teste ...

But look at the result! Example instead of Exemplo.

Thank you!


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Thank you. I read it several times and I begun with exm. Since it didn't work, i tried example, just like the name of the chunk. It doesn't work with theorem or example chunks. It does succeed however with table and figure.

:thinking: that is odd. Thanks for sharing all this, that does really help understand. It is important to get all the context of an issue.

  • Which version of bookdown are you using ?
  • Did you restard R and RStudio already ?
  • What does your chunk example looks like ?


Thanks for the tip. I had already restarted Rstudio several times and bookdown version was recent but, inspired by your sugestion I've uppdated some other packages, rmarkdown included. Then I restarted RStudio again and it finaly works! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!