Box-Cox Power Transformation problem

Hi! I have a problem with the Box-Cox Power Transformation. My data set has 4 columns and 112536 rows. Each column is a different meteorological station, so I have to work by column. In this case, each column has a different NA's empty values (e.g. the first column has 4337 NA's, the second 5312 NA's, the third 5302 NA's, and the last one has 23256 NA'S) . The Box-Cox Transformation removed all these values, and create a new data set with different number of rows for each column. Due to I have to continue working with all the data set (112536x4), I would like to know if there is a way to maintain in the Box-Cox Power Transformation the same size of my original data.

I have worked in two options. The first one has a problem in line 225 because of the different lengths of the rows. And the second one has a problem in keeping the full size of the data (112536x4).

Thanks for the answers!

Hi @ddaaggpp,
You have misspelt "length" on lines 233 and 234 (but I'm not convinced this will solve the mis-match problem you describe).

You are more likely to get detailed help in future if you post a "reproducible example" (see posting guide) which should include some data that illustrates the problem.

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