Browser is not connecting

rD <- rsDriver(browser = 'chrome', port = 4444L)
Error in java_check() :
PATH to JAVA not found. Please check JAVA is installed.
what to do??

It seems JAVA is not correctly setup for R to be found. You are using RJava and you need to be sure everything is configured as expected. You need JAVA installed as a system requirement:

what do you want to do anyway?
I see chrome. Know their are other tools like crrri or chromote to work with chrome from R, with no JAVA.

i am trying web scraping through R.....

You can do that in several way using polite or rvest for example.
And indeed using some headless browser to use some javascript dynamic website.

in your case, you need to install JAVA. Or use another tools for headless browsing.

Sir, actually currently i am doing a course of basics of R from Udemy where the instructor do this web scrape through R. I don't know what are the alternatives.

Follow that then. :+1:
But you need to install Java from your error above.

Also, if you already have a Java installation with matching architecture (i.e. x64 or x86) but R still can't recognize it, you can try manually setting the location by adding a line like this to your file (you have to change the file path accordingly to your own Java installation).

Sys.setenv('JAVA_HOME'="C:/Program Files/Java/jdk-11.0.1/")
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