[bug?] column sorting doesn't work on page>1 of the table viewer

(Seems like a bug, let me know what is the right place to report it)

nRows <- 10L # any number > 1
nCols <- 51L # any number > 50

dt1 <- data.frame(col1=1:nRows)

for (i in 2:nCols){
  newcolname <- paste0('col', i)
  dt1[[newcolname]] <- sample(1:nRows,nRows)


When the table has more than 50 columns, table viewer shows 50 columns per "screen". Click > or >> button to switch to the next screen. Now, if you click on the header of any of the columns, it won't sort correctly (unlike at the first screen).
RStudio Version 1.2.5019

UPD. Ok it seems this bug has been reported already. Hope it will be fixed...