Bug for new windows


  1. Open your R sudio

  2. Create two R script file. [file]>[new file] > [R script]

  3. Open the one R script file by the new window (in the following picture's button).

  4. Write any code in two R script files, i.e., one is opened by new window and the other is not opened by new window.

  5. Please push [Control]+[shift]+[;] when the cursor is in the new window.

  6. Then we will see that the new opened R script file's code is vanish, however, on the other hand, the code of R script file which is not opened by new windows remained or saved.

The above short cut [Control]+[shift]+[;] is very near for the short cut [Control]+[shift]+[L] for devtools::load_all(".") which are used when we develop package.

To avoid the code vanishing by such miss type, I hope R studio development team fix this issue.

My R studio version is 1.1.442
Win 7;

R version 3.5.1

I know someone cannot replicate this.


Do you have a custom shortcut bound to Ctrl + Shift + ;? RStudio itself does not bind any command to that key combination.


I do not have a custom shortcut.
I did not know that the R studio has not short cut [Control] + [Shift] +[;].
Since [;] =[+], this short cut is same as [Control] + [Shift] +[+].
And by execute this short cut, the font size in the R console becomes bigger.

I am not sure, but my key Keyboard layout is JIS, so not US, and this cause this odd behavior?

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