[Bug] Selected text highlighting conflicts with pre-defined theme color

Recently, I started to use the Rsutido theme Summerfruit downloaded from online tmTheme editor. This theme specifies green background for R script comments.However, it conflicts with the background highlighting for text selection. Theoretically, text selection should overwrite the background color pre-defined by the theme. However, this does not happen and lead to great visual difficulties to identify selected text. Hopefully, this bug could be fixed soon.

Someone can foreword this issue to the development team? Thanks.

Have you tried filing an issue on the GitHub repo?

Which rout is the official one to report bug?

If you are sure it is actually a bug, then the official rout is the Github repo (just make sure to follow their guide to do it), but if you are not sure, then it is better to start here and when you get confirmation then move on to the repo.

I posted there. Thanks.

Please post a link to the GitHub issue as requested by our cross-posting policy

Thanks for the note. This issue was posted on Github

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