Button "Save Permanent Copy" does not appear

I wanted to share some rstudio cloud project publicly, like


However, for a colleague of mine, who clicked on the link, it was not possible to save a permanent copy from the temporary copy. The button to save just did not show up. Here is a screen shot:

However, for a different project (not mine) saving a permanent copy still works:

What could be the reason? Is there a limit of how many permanent copies can be made from a public project? My project was derived from another publicly accessible project:


This project shows 25 derived projects. Is 25 derived projects an upper bound? Can this be changed? All projects are in "Your Workspace".

You can have as many derived projects as you want but a derived project cannot be copied. Project 139129 was derived from another project (so it has no save a permanent project button) while project 39040 is not (it is a top level project so you can save a permanent copy of it).

The UI's treatment of this is not very intuitive and we some work queued to address that. There some additional discussion about the reason for this disconnect over on this thread,


Thanks a lot for the explanation. Good to know.

It would of course be cool if in some future version also derived projects could be copied.

For example, since installing packages can take a lot of time, I would find it useful to have a base project with a lot of useful packages installed and then derive other projects that I want to share. I use a similar structure when working with docker containers.

But of course, if performance suffers from to too many levels of copied projects that is an issue. Maybe one could just allow one or two more levels of nesting or add an option to turn a derived project into a "deep copy", which then itself can be copied again?

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