Bypass RStudio login screen

I am trying to setup a link from the a web application into RStudio Server. The Web application has already authenticated the USER. When the user clicks on RStudio link it takes him to a login screen. This is repetitive as the user has already logged in to the app. How can I bypass the RStudio login screen and take the user directly into R Studio? Are there any API's or any authentication mechanism to bypass R login screen?

Since you don't specify, I'm guessing that you are using the open source version of RStudio Server. The open source version only supports local linux passwords.

If you want to integrate with other authentication mechanisms to achieve single sign-on, then you should investigate the professional version, RStudio Server Pro. The pro version has support for LDAP, and in version 1.4 also supports SAML and OIDC. See for more information.

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