cache steps in %>% pipelines?

I was reading about drake and I know about cache=T in knitr, but I wondered if there was a way to cache steps in pipelines using %>% (tidyverse pipelines, magrittr pipelines? Not sure what to call these now :slight_smile:

I find myself creating temporary variables (results then results2 anyone?) just to preserve earlier pipeline operations, then I have to manage and reconstruct the full pipeline.

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Great question!

Re-reading the documentation, I didn't find anything on point. (But I'm sure glad I did--found features I should be using, like the compound assignment operator %<>%.)

Interactively, what I do is to build maggies(?) interactively a length at a time, which generous use of the up arrow to go back to the last one that worked. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to wrap functions using the operator that created, then cached, segments sequentially named in a data frame or other suitable structure to prevent namespace pollution.

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