Calculate descriptive parameters accross database

I am working with a huge database and I am trying several operations that I have done before with small database and few variable types

What I am trying to perform is sthg related with tapply function or similar but with conditions:

  • only numeric values
  • calculate quartiles (specifically 1/3 quartiles)
  • calculate specifying the range of columns to perform. [, 1130: 1200]

Parameters (mean, sd, iqr, quartiles)

Thanks in advance

I assume you mean data.frame rather than database... please clarify if not.
I recommend that you learn and make use of tidyverse as it is very flexible to do the sorts of things you want.
A good free resource is

I am trying to look for sthg in package purrr, and I have seen the map functions in which you are able to detail what you want.
But I need to add to these functions which columns I want to include, as 2000:2077. Also I need to specify NA.RM = T, and just operate with numeric or double.

df_xyz %>%
      .cols  = everything(),   --> [2000:2077]
      .fns   = mean,  
      na.rm  = TRUE,  --> is.numeric = T
      .names = "{col}_mean"

I guess it is not that hard to perform but, I have not found threads performing just a range of columns. I need that because I have too many columns to perform everything, but not that many to customize

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