calculate tenure by DOJ

i have a reproducible data frame

df <- data.frame(ID =c(864,121,582,300,765,56,571,819,923,789,438,987,30,446,369,445),
                 name= c("xab","Lan","mun","mmc","aaf","nnhu","njam","jiha","ntha","gydbt","hytb","kula","huta","vcge","bhsue","nudj"),
                 DOJ = c("9/5/2005","8/23/2006","3/30/2006","5/29/2009","12/29/2009","6/20/2005","10/2/2010","11/15/2003","3/3/2004","4/23/2004","7/28/2003","8/27/2004","6/14/2007","3/24/2007","9/29/2009","9/4/2007"))

I am trying to create a function which will ask a column name of DOJ like hire date == "DOJ"
then will mutate a new column and calculate tenure in that column.

also if the date of birth is give then mutate a new column for date of hire is greater than date of birth + 20.

i have tried using mondf and difftime but unable to create function for that.

output will be like

enter image description here

Use the lubridate or anytime packages for date arithmetic.

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