Calculate Trasport time between 2 coordinates (lat, lon)


Is it possible to calculate the transport time (of a particle) between 2 coordinates using wind speed and distance?
I know I can't simply apply Velocity = Distance/time over here because coordinates have different angles.
So, could anyone provide some thoughts on it?

I have some coordinates e.g.

location 1(64.8, -147.7) 
location 2(64.8, -149.5)
location 3(66.2, -150.0)
the distance between (2 and 1)  coordinates are ~ 35 km
the distance between (3 and 1)  coordinates are ~ 133 km
the wind speed over (1, 2) coordinates is ~ 6 m/s
the wind speed over (1,3) coordinates is  ~ 2 m/s


You could have a look at the following function from the sf package:


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