Calculating Area Weighted Means (ClimProjDiags package)


I have a large timeseries dataset of sea surface temperature readings at 0.25 degree resolution over a large grid of the southern ocean. As these cells are degrees, those closer to the equator are physically larger in size than those closer to the poles (due to the oblate spherical nature of the earth (no flat-earth response please)).

There is a function, WeightedMean, in the package ClimProjDiags which is supposedly able to account for these differences in physical area of each cell but am struggling to get it to run. The examples provided in the package are not very useful as are synthetic data and do not relate to the real world at all.

The data is a timeseries of 4 variables: longitude, latitude, date and temperature (anomaly) covering an area bounded by N-35.37, S-54.56, W79.45, E139.92.

Has anyone had success using this package, can provide real-world examples, or has another means of calculating area weighted averages of temperature??

Thanks and regards