Call R shiny application from Java (to run R shiny app inside Java)

... I have a shiny app that works only on my computer. ShinyProxy or GitHub are not the places where I plan to deploy the app. I need to have a standalone app that would work on different computers where R and RStudio are not installed. I found that Java could be appropriate for this purpose (all the analyses would be performed in R and the outputs are shown in a Java-like app) since Java can deal with different languages and Java applications can be deployed in any servers. Also, I need to have a one-time password app and therefore Java would be a good option.

Has anyone integrated Shiny app with Java before, does anyone know how to do this or an alternative approach?

Just wondering have you got any solution for this problem? kindly respond

No, I haven't got any solution yet.

You can take a look at Renjin although you cannot use Shiny with it.

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