Can I connect Rstudio from Linux redhat 7 to SQL server

We have installed Rstudio free version in Linux Redhat 7 and AD sync has happened through Kerbous authentication and now able to connect to SQL server from Linux but not able to connect to Rstudio nor SQL Database using my windows authentication.

But able to connect R server in same Linux box to SQL server using my windows authentication.

Any issues or way how to connect to Rstudio server and SQL server?

Authentification for RStudio server is Pro feature, you'll find some information there

You'll also find some information about Kerberos authentification and RStudio. It is also a pro feature to be able to pass through the authentification :

With this, the user will be able to connect with kerberos authentification and use there ticket for other services.

Not sure how to do the same with the free version as it is limited.