Can I do Tukey's HSD test combined with ec50estimator?

I'm trying tukey's HSD test of my EC50 values calculated by "ec50estimator" package.
It's combined with "readxl" package.

data1 <- read_excel("C:/Desktop/Excel",
sheet = "Fungicide")
df_ec50 = estimate_EC50(growth~conc,
data =data1,
isolate_col = "Isolates",
strata_col = c("fungicide"),
interval = "delta",
fct = drc::LL.3())

After this, I got Estimate(Average) and Std. error of my EC50 values for each isolates, looks like this:

Question is: How can I do Tukey's HSD test with this result? (statistically compares each isolate's sensitivity)

It looks i should do Tukey's HSD with given average and std. error, but is this possible?

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