Can I install daily version of Rstudio as well as stable release version on same machine (Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS)

I am plagued by the false warnings issue in Rstudio and think I see that this may have been fixed in the latest daily release. I am also hitting some other problems that may or may not be Rstudio issues so I would like to test my code in the latest daily release but I don't want to lose the stable version. Is there a way to install both and be able to invoke them separately in Ubuntu? TIA, Chris

Install to separate directories.


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More seriously ... yes indeed but I think installation directories are hard-wired into debs (I've just checked and that is true and the general advice is clearly that trying to override that may not be for the faint hearted, and I'm faint hearted about things like this so I wanted to know if someone can confirm that they have a method to do this that as worked (and can tell me how to find and launch the correct version: Ubuntu seems quite controlling about that to me). Any experience of achieving this that can help me? TIA,


I haven't tried this. Possibilities are renaming the base directory, install beta, rename it and then rename base back, using a docker container, install as second user with no system privileges, virtual machine, Ubuntu on a stick, etc. Alternatively, skip and go naked. Set up with RStudio cloud and install \beta over existing, having first taken the usual precautions.

Those may involve more bother than the warnings. I'd go save everything-uninstall with apt remove, reinstall from the deb with Eddy or some such. Test. If it works, stay there until out-of-\beta. That's what I'd do if so motivated.

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Thanks. Yes. I think for now I'll live with the warnings as you say!

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