Can I share a dataset (csv, rdata, etc) on RStudio Community by renaming the filetype?

test.csv.pdf (74 Bytes)
just testing if rename a csv to give a false extension (.pdf) would allow this forum client to upload it/host it

it worked !
I hope this isn't frowned upon by forum admins.
Use responsibly :sweat_smile:

Hi Nir,

Thank you for trying but unfortunately false extension files can't be opened from here as they appear damaged :frowning:


any PDF reader wont know what to make of a csv file... so that error message is not suprising. The solution is this:

save it rather than open it.
once saved , a simple file rename to drop the .pdf extension will mean you can open it as .csv in the normal way.

In general, we ask folks to share reproducible example data with a small reprex, (using something like datapasta or dput)

For situations that really call for you to share a larger file, we ask you to do so by sharing a file with something like google-drive, dropbox, box, onedrive. RStudio.Cloud may also be a good place to build and share your reproducible example, via a public project.

Right now the concern with offering the ability to share these kinds of files on has to do with; demotivating folks to create a minimal reprex, and to limit the storage requirements for the site. If we do offer some kind of data hosting, we'll likely rely on's infrastructure.

On datapasta.


I certainly agree the standard reprex, dput and datapasta are preferred.
Unfortunately there are a class of issues relating to people failing to load their files into R, so in that case I was looking for a friendly way, to get them to share an example excel object. In their case I asked them even to delete rows from the excel, and they didnt even do this but provided the whole thing :laughing:
In the future I will do as you suggest, and recommend that someone in a similar position, share their file via google-drive,dropbox,onedrive etc.

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