Can I use my Rstudio as python IDLE Shell?

Hi I'm a student who learn both python and R in college. Since there is reticulate package which makes it possible for me to carry out python code. My problem is that I want to see the result of my python code in Rstudio in the style of IDLE Shell(It shows only results without process) When I use my current Rstudio I always have to see the middle process, furthermore it makes me unable to do some codes. For example I can't print some lines that don't change their lines. I'll attatch some pictures.

(When I used my Rstudio)

How can I do my work like I did in IDLE Shell?

x = input("Enter word : ")
print('{} -> '.format(x), end='')
for i in x :
print('a', end='')
That is the code I used in here
And this is the result I want to see.