Can I use R to transfer non R files to a data base?

I have files, created outside R (e.g. Modde files, .mip or similar non R files), that I want to transfer to a data base as a BLOB vector, using R as a conduite only. I do not need to translate these files into a format that R understands. Ultimately, I would like to build a shiny interface to do this.

Is there a way to read any file into R as a binary vector, that then can be sent to a sql data base as a blob?

Any insights or pointers are highly appreciated.



I don't fully underderstand what you're going for, but maybe reading the files in as raw binary data and then writing it to the DB using R might work. Take a look at the readRaw function of the hexView package

This discussion on loading binary files into postrgres might be of interest

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Thanks, pieter

Im currently on vacation, so It is not possible for me to test your suggestion, but as I understand it, readRaw, would let me read ANY filetype (whether .txt, .jpg, ....) into a binary representation in R, which would then allow me to store this as a blob in a data base - correct?




I have never used this package or saved BLOB data, so I guess you'll have to try it out and let us know if it works!

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