Can I use table() to calculate?

bingo <-c(16,11,24,26,15,18)
my <- NULL
check <- NULL
i <- 1
for (i in 1:200) {
tmp1 <- sample(x =1:49, size = 6, replace = F)
tmp2 <- sum(tmp1 %in% bingo)
check <- c(check,tmp2)
tmp3 <- paste0(tmp1, collapse = ",")
res <- paste0("(", tmp3, ")")
my <- c(my, res)

After writing the code I mentioned above,I want to sort the check in 200 groups into four groups
then if three number in each group are the same with (16,11,24,26,15,18),I get1000$
if four number ,I get 10000$
if five number ,I get 100000$
if six number,I get 1000000$
so, Can I use table() to calculate, and how to use?

Did you find this solution unsatisfactory?

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