Can not open Rstudio at all

When openning Rstudio, it only shows such a pop-up in the picture and then disappear and I can not use Rstudio at all. Windows 11;R 4.2.2;RStudio-2022.12.0-353.
Could everybody tell me how to deal with it? Thank you very much!

I'm sorry that you're having trouble opening RStudio. Would you be able to share your logs to help diagnose the issue? It would help if you provide your logs after setting this environment variable: RS_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG

You can find them in your home directory in AppData\Local\RStudio\log\rdesktop.log.

Also, the latest daily build for 2022.12.1 can be found here: Elsbeth Geranium

There has been more logging added to help diagnose startup issues.

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