Can RStudio-Desktop be saved somewhere else and RStudio still reads it?

I am newly working on a corporate virtual environment via Citrix. I installed R, RStudio, Rtools and MikTex in another drive not C drive, and make them work, at least knowing they are working after some simple tasks.

However, there is one restriction under the environment is that C: drive is inaccessible, and everything under AppData in C: is cleared after the environment is rebooted. Basically, every configuration saved in RStudio-Desktop folder will be lost. Offcoz I can save a back-up file somewhere else, and copy and paste that to C drive AppData when the environment is rebooted (It's inaccessible from Windows Explorer, but can be worked around through some other way.)

So my first question is whether AppData under C: drive is the only place that RStudio creates and reads RStudio-Desktop? Can it be saved somewhere else, and point RStudio to read it?

My second related question is that what's the mechanism for RStudio to look up .Rprofile, which I created for MikTex path, and was not saved under C drive AppData.

The location where RStudio writes this temporary data cannot currently be customized. Would you mind filing this as a feature request at

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