Can Shinytest be run in RStudio connect server

Hi all,

I have a shiny application to be tested. I can run shinytest and record events in my local machine. But wanted to check if I can run shinytest later on post deploying to RStudio connect server ?

Can anyone guide me here?

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Thanks for asking this question!! This is a great one! Very sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately, there is not a great way to run shinytest on content that is already deployed to RStudio Connect. This is definitely something that I am personally interested in seeing progress on in the future. Thanks for sharing your interest in doing so!! I will pass this feedback along to the engineers working on improving Connect!

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Hi Cole.

No problem. Thanks for passing the feedback to the concerned team. Appreciate if you let me know if there is any progress in this later on. This is something I wanted to know since long time and still finding way to do this

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