Can the location of the table viewer be changed?



Currently the data table viewer (View()) opens in the source pane. Is there any way to have it open in one of the other panes?


Yes, you can go into Tools > Global options and you will find options to organize the IDE pane as you wish.


I'm aware of that, but I don’t see a way to set where the table viewer goes (i.e. the response to View() ).


Unfortunately, that's not currently possible. As an alternative you can pop out the Data Viewer into a separate pane -- is that sufficient in your case?


It would be, except that RStudio doesn't seem to remember that it is popped out. If I pop out some object, and then update it and click again (ie .Last.value) or want to view another object, it doesn't open in the popout window - it goes to the source pane.


Thanks for catching that -- I've filed this on our issue tracker at If there's anything I've missed, would you be willing to follow up in that issue thread as well?


Thank you. Your issue looks like it has everything, so I've not added to it, but I am subscribed and will follow it in case there's anything I can help with.

I think your second comment that once a viewed object is popped out, all viewed objects should go to that window is spot on.