Can we activate two product keys simultaneously while activating floating license server for Shiny Server Pro?

I have installed a floating license server for activating my product key. I am able to activate it using a product key which I have got from R Studio.

However, since I am running my shiny apps on Kubernetes pods, I would like to have two keys present on my server. Each serving a separate pod.

Is something like this possible with a single floating license server?

Long story short, I would like to serve two licenses using a single floating license server.

Interesting predicament! Why exactly do you want two separate keys? The floating license server can serve multiple "clients" / pods, so you can have one floating license server with multiple "leases" available.

The idea is you would have 1 key with two or more "activations" available. Both / all pods would retrieve leases at startup until there are no more leases available from the server. But there is only one product key and floating license server in this scenario - the product key just enables multiple servers taking out leases concurrently.

Does that architecture simplify your issue? Is there a piece of the puzzle that I am leaving out?

This is definitely something we can cover under our professional support if you want to open a support ticket and go through that channel though! Your CS representative would also be happy to chat about the specifics here!

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